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Get to know F&F Structures

F&F Structures, Inc. was founded in 1979 by business partners Mark Foley and Dan Fowler in Oregon City, Oregon. Over the past 30 years, F&F Structures has done millions of dollars in commercial, historic renovation, residential, and retail constructions. As a company, we believe that quality products and communication are the key ingredients to longevity and profitability.

Previous Clients
Legacy Health Systems
Meadows Courtyard
City of Oregon City
Clackamas County
Dairy Queen
Trading Places International
Vacations International
Rolling Hills Community Church
Elements of Style
Abbott & Munns
Tony's Fish Market
Mark's Headshot

Mark Foley


"Our long-term business partnership serves as our model for building successful relationships with clients."

"Every day we have the pleasure of working with skilled craftsmen to produce beautiful and functional structures."

"Dan's commitment to teamwork and vision are invaluable in the project process. His energetic style keeps things moving forward."

Dan's Headshot

Dan Fowler


"Mark has a great way of working through a job. He always has an eye on the detail of the day but is constantly planning the next three phases."

"...for me it's the little things that make the difference. A lot of contractors should be able to perform the work but they can't communicate effectively, pay attention to the details or have the eyes of the client. Those are the elements we strive to achieve on every job."

"After 30 years together in this business, there is not too much that surprises us anymore. It gives us a wealth of experience to draw upon to face whatever challenge we might be up against."